How to make this model textbox count input character in label

Show block this method

You can create a label and when textbox changed you set the label to (leght of text)/20
I am not home now and cant provide blocks, you can try it for yourself.



please sent aia broo

1 to 10 + method
how to fix this error

Segment cannot set less than 1

Plase show on block

Just like that, but the segment start need to set “1”

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Pluse +
I nade this method

In kodular, segment need to start larger then 0.

Is this the effect you want?

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In your txtb.Text to, you need to start with the maximum value you want for characters, in my example I informed 10. In your case this 0. Change this to 10 also.
And you are using the adding pad. The correct one is the subtract block.

And as explained by @TianFeng081

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