How to Add Webp Image in Assets Because webp image will have low kb size rather than png or jpg

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As I have searched the question first but I cannot find my answer so that is why I am creating this question.

How to Add Webp Image in assets because webp image has low kb size format and they cannot consist of high kb image so when I use png or jpg image in assets section I find 1 to 2 MB image were found but I have to use webp image format so my assets will reduce to 300 to 400kb.

Please can anyone tell me how to do that?

As I have uploaded a png image so it has 7 kb but when I have upload same image in webp format then it shows around 4kb I found that kodular support webp image and I request you to please use webp image as I have tested in mobile phone also so it was working

It means you got your solution already. Than close your topic.

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You can compress png and use it

Well Webp is a good option instead of png

Yaa As I have Used Webp And I have compressed the image from 4 MB to 1.6MB

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