Decrease size of image uploaded by user

hello dear community. how can i decrease the size of image selected by user for upload to app. because of performanse and data usage. thank you very much

Try using compressing images with

Hope it helped you ! If so you can mark as solution.

Yes we need local image optimizer for decrease image size.Currently you can use Canvas Save method.Just set user image as Canvas background and save canvasas png or jpg.Its resized


By using the Cloudinary extension you can also have it force files to a certain size. (This is done on your Cloudinary account side, not block side)

I do it to ensure that files are no more then 2megs for processing.

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you might be interested in the image extension and its Resize and Scale methods


If ı remember correct your extension only support one image type.Its jpg or png. I tested your extension a year ago and Its not work with user camera captured pic, because image type not supported

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