Reducing Photo Size

Here is the detailed explanation of what I want to do:

  1. The User Picks Up A Picture for the gallery (7-10MB in size).
  2. Without Uploading it to internet I want the size to be reduced without a major reduction in quality
  3. By this way when the user uploads the picture it will take less time and for the other users it can be loaded faster
  4. Then I use cloudinary DB to upload the image.
  5. And Airtable to keep the record for same.

I Want to know if there is anyway to

Taifun’s image extension may be helpful. App Inventor Extensions: Image | Pura Vida Apps

What do you mean? The filesize or the “physical” image size? How much space do they fill? 96*96 is enough for an icon like this:
Screenshot_2019-09-07-09-06-39 .
And you shouldn’t use greater ones.

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They aren’t icons rather you can say they are something like you see facebook posts.

Is what is to be reduced

Will Surely Check Out This
It seems to be helpful

Which of these?

Not the profile pic one but the main post

In the extension I can change dimensions of image which will result in quality and size loss but i want something like converting pic to web format in which the quality remains same but file size reduces

use file component to zip the selected file and then upload, but it may also take some time, test it if it take less time than the usual method.

Actually the taifun image extension is pretty useful.
It infact increased quality while decreasing the size.
So this post is now solved
Solution by Robert

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