How to add widgets to my app

Hi, I’m creating an app for women protection. I want to create a widget where it act’s as an extension where the widget act as a button and triggers my procedures in the app. Is this possible and how could I make it happen?

Follow This guide by @Shreyaa. Maybe it Can help.

The process looks something like this generally: in Android Studio, you’d typically define the widget’s layout and set up an AppWidgetProvider to respond to click events. For a button widget, you’d use an Intent to start a service or send a broadcast that your app can handle even when it’s not actively running. Don’t forget to declare the widget in your manifest!

but how can this help us here in Kodular?


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Follow The Guide.
There also a Way if Someone is very good at extension development they can convert the Code given in the guid to blocks as an extension and Somehow maybe we can get access.
This will only work is Extension Files have permission to edit Android Manifest & Change app Files btw.

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Im guessing i would implement this in my future updates I guess. Most of the specified features i wanted is on android studio

Just to mention. To Edit an XML File you Don’t Require Android Studio.

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