How to adjust components on different smartphones- Responsive

Hi everyone. I’d like to know how to adjust apps into the screen of the user’s phone.
I think it is a good idea to refer calculations to phones measures as screen width and height measures, i’ve tried some of that but i’m not sure if it’s the right method
I just tried percentages but it’s not working for the different kinds of phones.
My question is about to find another way to do that.

Lots regards!

Try This


This the best solution for your problem

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Thanks lots for your answers. I forgot to say that i am an absolute begginer here.
Once downloaded from srrazmi.Respo… it appears the following alert message:

“This file has no associated application to perform this action. Install an application or, if one is installed, create an association on the Default Application Settings page”

Since i’m working in what is the next step for me?

Thanks lots in advance. Regards!

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You might check this guide :point_down:

P.S: you probably can check this post, too, to know how to make your components responsive without extensions:


Hi! Thanks lot for your answers.
I’ve read them and i’m going to try some of them.
Best regards!


You can use this extension for making your app really responsive:-

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