How to avoid Duplicate message shown

Thanks to Taifun, my app finally can show the receiver message. However, I get another problem that still not able to solve. From my apk, all the previous message from the opposite side will show after I send out the message from the chat view.
For example, I will have the old “hi” from the other user shown under my message I send out a message. After that, both the “hi” and the next message reply by the opposite sender will be show together after I have my second reply. May I know how can I make sure only the new message sent by the opposite user is shown but not the entire list shown after each of my reply?

It would be very weird to show old message after u reply a message. Thank you once again and hope you all have a great day.

Try in apk. Companion mode may not work properly.

Thanks Goeri, I try it in the apk and seems all the previous message will be accumulating and show after I sent out the message. I guess I miss a block that show the receiving message after the opposite user send the message instead of showing the message after I reply to them. I don’t know what kind of block to add to it.