How to Branding Removal and Commission Removal

how to Branding Removal and Commission Removal I’m not getting any option where I have to go

Please refer to our support page for help regarding purchases:

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i have this but in dashboard i’m not seeing anything can you please me screen short of option in dashboard?

  1. Open
  2. Click on “Projects”
    or this if you’re on mobile:
  3. Select the project you wish to purchase branding/commission removal for
  4. Scroll down to the “Monetization” section

    You’ll find the option to remove commission.
  5. Enter your billing details and you’re good to go

if I export app during purchased month & if next month my I’ll not buy the plan my is my app will redirect to regular commission?

You don’t have to buy every month. Kodular will automatically charge your credit card every month once you make the purchase.

If you wish to disable auto-renew, you can cancel the purchase from your projects page (image #4).
Once the purchase is cancelled, we will resume taking a commission from your app.


Thanks for your time

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I don’t quite understand one thing: if I remove the branding for $ 5 and then bake the app, the branding is away. How do you rebrand the app after a month if I do not bake the app again?

For me it is not a problem because I mention Kodular in my own “about this app” screen, but why should I buy a yearly branding removal if I do not know that I have to update my app every month?

what if they are using an online system like data base or something and handle it like you handle any user data and points etc

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They cannot intervene in an .apk I think.

If this is possible, I urgently have to know this due to private policy issues.

In this post Diego explains how the system works


i have done this process and payment done successful.
still unity ads showing in my app why?

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you havent read that post, link given by @George_Loungos

I have purchased and checked after 8 hour still it showing unity ads in app
This app made previous version of egal modular before January

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but its says, you have to update your app now. and then check.

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