Questions about Branding Removal and Commission Removal

Suppose now I make an app with the name 001.

If I publish “001” to Google Play before paying, and then I use Branding Removal and Commission Removal (both are apps with the name 001), after paying, if “001” is not republished and updated, then as early as Google Will “001” released by Play automatically be Branding Removal and Commission Removal? :thinking:

You don’t have to export/build/publish your app again after applying changes

Once you purchase it, if your app was built with 1.4B.0, it will automatically apply the purchased item within the next 2 hours


Sorry, my English is not that good.
So after purchase, need to export apk again, then release.
This will be effective? Is that right?

No. There is no need to re-export after buying commission/branding removal.

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So, as long as the Internet is available, Kodular can always grasp our App?

Sorry, I’m just asking because it’s about privacy. :crazy_face:

The commission and branding statuses are fetched from our servers when your app is opened.


Therefore, there will be no leakage of privacy, so I am assured. :+1: :+1: :+1:
Thank you very much for your answers. :blush:

Sorry, I still have a question. :sweat_smile:
If my users never open the Internet, does this mean that my application has not removed the trademark?

Well, that is very unlikely, as to install the app you need it to download from somewhere using Internet

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But what if the user has already installed it? :thinking:

Because I may not want to delete the trademark so soon.

Then changes will apply on his next connection to the Internet
If the user connects to Internet, app fetches payment details, and then user disconnects, app will keep last fetched state


If the trademark has been successfully deleted, then the user disconnects the Internet and restarts the app.
Will the trademark appear again?(User disconnected from the network and did not connect again)

No, it will not appear again

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So it ’s recorded directly into the user ’s phone,Like Tiny db.

More or less


What if the user is someone like me?

Before using apps I always switch wifi off (and don’t use data) so they never connect to the internet.

If someone downloads an app that has branding removed but they always use the app without ever connecting to the internet then the branding will always be there. Is this correct?

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I think 1time pay is good for branding remove.


Hello Mr. @Diego
I want to know about withdrawal of revenue generated through commission removal. How revenue can be withdraw from kodular account to personal bank account.
As you people mention that generated revenue will be added to your account.

No transaction will have to be made between us (Kodular) and the app owner.

Here’s how the commission system works:

Without purchase: Ads with Kodular’s ad placement ID are shown every x of 100 times (x = commission percentage). The remaining ads are loaded with your placement ID, and the ad provider sends the money to you.

With purchase: Kodular doesn’t place its ID on any ads, meaning 100% of the time it is your placement ID that is being used. Thus, you get 100% of the revenue.

I hope this clears the air over the commission and removal systems.


This clarification is important, especially for the european market. I think for the same reason Kodular migrated from Holland to the United States…

Is there a possibility for the Kodular Staff to read out any personal data (in the sense of the GDPR-EU) using these code snippets in an app created with Kodular?

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