Ads appearing after comission removal

my ads are appearing after comission removal . please help me

@borahraja08 Your question doesn’t make any sense. Please describe your question briefly. After commission removal, you’ll get full revenue without any deduction. Because Kodular won’t take any commission after removal.

But you are saying that your ads are appearing after commission removal. What does that even mean.


Ads are a thing that you manually put in to your app. If you use a webViewer, then somebody else’s ads might show up. As harsit2405 said, commision removal means that Kodular doesn’t take any of the money from your ads.

Instead of admob ads unity ads are appearing on my app

i have purchased the ads removal system but still both admob and unity ads are running

Contact support at [email protected]

@borahraja08 see if you haven’t put any ads in your app and unity ads are showing then it means you are using web viewer to show any site. The ads of that site are being shown in your app.

@borahraja08 and as you said you have purchased ads removal. Let me tell that commission removal are not ad removal. Commission removal means that you will get your full money from your own ads. No money will be deducted from your revenue if you buy commission removal. The commission which kodular takes from your ads will be stopped if you buy it.
That’s what it means…
Hope you understand!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask…we are here to help you…

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And yes to show any ad, you need approval from Kodular to show ads in your app. So make sure your app has got approved. Or else it will show a popup when you open your app that ‘Your app has not been approved to show ads.’

Well, @harsit2405 you are taking this thread wrong side @borahraja08 didn’t mention that his app is webviever or showing website secondly this sam happens approx. 2-3 weeks later with some user.
So kindly contact with @kodular team

I think you are wrong here. The commission is only taken by showing Kodular ads every n user ads.
If I buy commision removal, there shouldn’t be any Kodular ads at all. Kodular never takes money from the user’s ads account.


This certainly shouldn’t be happening. Could you please PM me your project ID so that we can take a look?

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But they are giving unity ads

Yes, commission removal is 100% related to ad removal. Because Kodular is getting comission from ads.

Kodular never cuts money from your earning.

Oh actually I was also confused and I thought how Kodular can take money from your own account. And btw I have an app running with ads. I haven’t bought commission removal but no kodular ads are being shown.