Remove Commission bug

I removed two app commissions on the 22nd of April. But today (30 April) I try to build that app from kodular I see Unity ads showing that app.
Then I go to And let’s select that project and see “Remove commission” showing in my dashboard

Another bug
I had done Remove Commission before but sometimes Unity ads showing in my app
I mailed about this a month ago but But no reply came

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This is a bug, right?

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Yes, it’s a bug and we’re looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please fix it.I can’t update my application for this

It will maybe take a few days so please be patient. Your concern is noted.

Can’t you fix my problem manually? My app is 1 million + download I really need to update my app

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Like i said you have to wait. Or you have to accept that there are unity ads visible in your app for the moment.

My subscription will start from the day you fix it, Right?

That’s not up to me, i am a mod not a dev. You have to talk with the person that can fixed that when he gets back. So like i said be patient.

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Today, once again, I have removed the commission of one of my two apps

Then I build the app again from kodular I see unity ads showing in my app

Then download the version that is published in the play store and see that unity ads are also showing there

The money will be refunded to me every time I have removed the commission till date
Unity ads are shown in my app before. I mailed the support email to kodular but no reply came (That was a month and a half ago)

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