User privacy in Kodular Applications

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First off:
I didn’t find anything on this but if you do please post it here.
To the admins/mods: Please do not randomly hide or close this question. There seems to be no answers on the topic.

Since that’s now done, let’s get to the point.
I would like to ask if Kodular collects data about app users. I think this is happening because an empty demo app (built as APK) suddenly started sending data. There are no components in there except a label. The data was monitored using the App “GlassWire”.
If there is data collected, where does it go and how can this be turned off? Do developers get insight into the data and if yes, how? Is there any other way to get statistics?

I am asking this because it is necessary to create a privacy policy which is valid in the EU. If this traffic is data being collected, I would have to write a lot of info about it into my privacy policy.

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I really don’t know about this but it’s clear as daylight why Kodular would collect user info and store it, they probably sell that data too. From my experience, GlassWire is quite accurate.

They may collect it but they offer stuff for EU customers, meaning this has to be exactly stated somewhere. The user has to opt-in, not opt-out. Guess I’ll study the privacy policy then :upside_down_face:

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It must be written in the privacy policy which I am yet to find

They have terms of use, but going through them does not reveal any information about the topic.

Anyone from the team willing to help on that?

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As far as I know


You can find our privacy policy at (The website is facing issues at the moment and will be back up in a few hours; apologies for the inconvenience)
We collect crashlytics data from users, more on which you will find in the docs I’ve linked above.
We do not sell any user data.


Thank you. The problem is users have to be able to turn it off. Am I missing something which would allow me to do this?

Also, I will read through the docs you linked, thanks for that.

Since you´re staff, I would also like to point out that the app for advertising commisions has been removed from google play but the website is still linking there.


Thank you. Do you know if developers get insight into that data?

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I also want to add my own words:

If Kodular allows me to develop apps that I want, I should be able to disable / enable which SDKs are injected, control which requests are made by Kodular and so on. (And as Kodular is not open source, it is unclear what these libraries do.) For example, I don’t and won’t use any ad components, so it is unnecessary that Kodular injecting ad libraries to my app. I don’t know which data my app sends to Kodular. When commission removal first introduced, the app was sending data to Kodular to check if user bought commission removal - and there was no proper information about “how it does that?” Does it send a secret key or something, what would happen if someone has that secret key if there was a secret key? etc. And it is weird that I can’t even write a proper privacy policy because I don’t know which data my app collects even I developed it. (And as far I read, Kodular’s privacy policy only covers, not collected data in created apps)

Also, I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan about “malicious extension check when app launches” and other protection stuff. If I don’t have control over these behaviors, this makes my app belongs to Kodular, not mine. If someone really wants to bypass the protection, nobody can stop them when they have the APK.


You’re right