How to Branding Removal kodular 2022

I noticed they removed the remove branding button in the last update
that button:

I paid for the premium plan to see if the button appears or remove the branding, but it didn’t work.

How do I remove this brand after this kodular update?

I didn’t even know Kodular had branding. None of my apps ever show it. Is this something new or exclusive to Premium?

Kodular branding, it by default exists in the app. When you click the three dots and see the about section there you will see “made with kodular” text, to remove that you have to remove branding

Oh I see. I always hide that because it looks unprofessional to me. Maybe that’s why I have never seen it.

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Use this and hide show options menu

I find that if you open your app and long-click the square button on the bottom of your Android screen, the menu will still appear, even if you hide it. But I don’t really care about this, as long as my app still works, I’m happy with it.

I suppose it doesn’t if you disable Show Options Menu in the properties.


However You can always create a Custom Title Bar

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Hmm…I’ll try. Thanks.