How to call Custom Tab

How to open custom tab when webview er request for new tab

Hello @vishwanathreddy678,
Please specify your problem ?

I am using webview in my app and in the webview there are some other website link when user click on more information i want to open that link in custome tab

You can use blocks like this :
When webview loading started if webview current url contains “type site” then open custom tab with custom tab url current url.

Can u pls show me the block

Maybe possible with Webview.string changed block

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Can pls show me the block bz i have many link so i have doubt

Sorry I have no knowledge of web.
A web developer can help/explain you @yusufcihan

Do you know these other website link if yes then set when webview url = to that then save the url & open in chrome custom tab

Ya i know but dynamic i will add more links daily

You can create an database

Just I want to call custam tab when webview require new tab

New tab or open in default browsers. If open in default browsers then go to advanced property set webview use external browser on & set desktop mode

Just i required it wen webviewer need new tab

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That’s your answer.try it

Okay i will try

No for ever link when i am clicking it’s opening crome browser just i want it for new tab

So you create any custom tab

Can u once show me block?