How to call data in background(firebase)

First of all I want to Check that user is connected to the internet or not(this thing i want to set in time that whenever 1 minute completes then Check internet) then of connected call data from Firebase, this data is Numbers then i want to set it in app icon. This all things i want to Do in background, i mean that If user app ​is closed.

How can i do these all things with background task extension.

Note:- I’ve seached on community but for me it is difficult then I post here.


Hey @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator

Have you tried the background tasks Extension. I have some doubts as it will work or not. But You can try & have to set a permission for background running apps.

Here i know that i can do this with this extension but i’ve never used this extension before.

And I already see all the blocks of this extension but i can’t get that how can i make this type of app.

May be possible
have you build any demi or something like testing to test this thing? If built then please upload the AIA. Then I will try.

I’ve not started yet because i am not getting that how to start. And there is not much information about this. @Ariyan_AD

Ooo! Then start something normally atleast. Create all the blocks and components required for your project in Live Mode. Share the aia then I will try to modify this to work in background.

I can’t share the aia it is personal, do you have any idea @Ariyan_AD .I know that first i have to create component then what to do next.

Ok, Then Create a Project first and then PM me.