How to canvas background gradient

Is there a way to make canvas background gradient or extension for it?
I’ve searched a lot but I only find extensions for component gradient. :thinking:

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Isn’t this for component?
I don’t think this extension working for ‘canvas’ background. :thinking:

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have you try it?

Yes. I’ve tried it.

Why do you need it in a canvas? I think you can use this extension in an arrangement where you also put the canvas. Then give the canvas a transparent background.


Because I want to download canvas image with gradient background.
I tried putting canvas inside the arrangement and making arrangement gradient.
The problem is when I download the canvas image and the background gradient doesn’t downloaded.

Then use this component to make an image from the arrangement.


I’ve tried this extension before but I found when I use this extension, the image quality is not as good as canvas image quality.

this is a good solution i think

Can you show an example of difference in the image quality?

Oh, I was confused putting label image on canvas and your suggestion.
It works fine. :blush:
Thank you, Peter!

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Thank you, Salman. :smile:

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