How to center components vertical inside a horizontal arrangement?

i could not find an explanation for this simple question in the search :thinking:

how can i get the text of label(left), text box(middle) and button(right) to be vertically centered on one line in a horizontal arrangement?
Font size is always 20

what about checking the desiger properties of the horizontal arrangement?


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Thanks for your answers,
as i wrote my example contains different components

sorry for now i didn´t know how to implement your advice.
Where can i get a block "vertically centered?
attached my .aiaCentertest.aia (1.7 KB)

Set Text Box height to fill parent

@bestprintsf thanks, but this didn´t solve my my question/problem

What if you set buttons and textbox to fill parent

And center align the text in button too.

it didn´t help…
you can play with attached .aia

The problem is the height of text box.
Look the result

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I’ll try my best :smile:


Thanks for your screenshot from companion
with your recommandet settings i get the same result inside companion,
but on creator it looks different…
sorry, i was not expecting this
thanks for opening my eyes

Another way you can try is to insert 3 vertical arrangement set
Align Horizontal Center and Align Vertical Top and put inside each Label, text box and button

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