How to change color of Button in the Blocks?

Hello, I have made a quiz app and in the quiz app I want that if someone taped on the wrong answer, that the wrong answer get red, but I dont know how

In which component you are showing your answers

I.e in label or text box or button

Where do you get question and answers from ?(gsheet or airtable)

I show them as Labels

Then mark all the label as clickable.

Use the block when any label on clicked,
Get the component and text, if it is equal to the answer then change the component label background to green if not change to red

When next button click revert back the background of the labels to normal

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

You can also use this

Pick 2 clock block ,. If user click worng answer start clock 1 timer when do make button colour red and start 2nd clock timer , when timer do make button colour normal :blush:

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Can you show us what you have tried?

This is also a good Idea. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes but till now no because when I press on build, then it sais: that I must try it later, because now it isn’t working. And… the App is in german language and till now I’ve just made one quiz, because this is my test app. But if you want I can send some screenshots of what I’ve made :slight_smile:

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You have marked solution, so I have a curiosity to see how it is working and become solution to your query and nothing else. :wink:

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Try yourself
2 clock one button simple :slightly_smiling_face: working when one. Do change button colour + call 2nd clock visible to true , when 2nd clock time do make Colour again normal .
All other conditions is depend on app.

He is using four labels to show answer. User need to click on the label. If user clicks exact answer that label colour have to change to red or green

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So make conditions :slightly_smiling_face: Only one answer true out of 4 Make a list of all Answers ,if value is == with list then colour is Green .

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