How to change firebase token and url online using firebase

Help me. My firebase download limit becomes full (10gb)

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Then you can pay for :firebase: Firebase to buy better plan.


I have no credit or debit cards. And I want to save money. If url and token could be change online it will more helpful

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But I think, changing url and token won’t change anything

I want to store data in another firebase project changing url and token.

You need to add another Firebase Database component for that :slightly_smiling_face: One component for one Firebase project.

I tried it, but that one firebase become full, last 2month I updated app 7/8times just for changing this one firebase token and url. It’s annoying for user to update app 4+times in a month. If firebase token and url could change in online, I should not neet to update app everytime.
I have 45000 user

Why user needs to update app? If you edit your Firebase from console, you don’t need to update app.

Why don’t you try these blocks? :point_down:


I need to update app because my firebase download limit (10gb) become full. To collect user data I update app changing firebase url and token(I mean I have to switch firebase project to a new firebase project, because 10gb stored filled up soon)

Then you can use another database method, if your current Firebase plan is not enough for you.

I tried it but app crushing everytime

Which error are you seeing?

No errors, app crushing. If you succeed please send me aia. If it works I will gift you

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What?? :astonished: :sweat_smile:

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Others database are difficult :pensive:

Can you check if this crashes for you or not?
Test.apk (6.3 MB)

10$ will give u

It worked?

Not crushing, I want to change url and and token online using firebase. I think this app not like that. Give me aia