How to change import screen name

i want to know if i import my .ais screen file in my project then its show IMPORT789CH but i want to change this name. so suggest me how can i do it !!!

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If you select the “Copy Screen” option you can create a copy of the imported screen with a name you choose.


but its show me server error message

Here’s what you can do (maybe there are other ways to do it but it will do the work)

  1. Import your screen (It will have a name that you don’t want it to have)
  2. Export your project as .aia
  3. Rename the project.aia file as or project.rar (depends on the software you have)
  4. Extract the .zip archive (but don’t delete it after !"
  5. Open the folder obtained, and go to : \NameOfFolder\src\io\makeroid\...\NameOfProject
  6. You will normally found every screen of your project with the extension .bky and .scm The one we want to rename should be like ImportG7952B or something like that.
    Rename those two screen files (only the screen concerned) with the name you want (no space, no accent, no - or ; or , etc.).
    Do not change the extension also !
  7. When this is done, open the two files with a text editor (not word please, notepad will do the work) and search for the screen name (in my case it is “ImportG7952B”) and rename all you can find to the name you wanted (has to be same as the two files renamed before !)
  8. Save file
  9. Open the .zip or .rar and go the same path as previously.
  10. Delete the screen files that we renamed before and place those from the folder in.
  11. Rename back the archive to project.aia and import in Makeroid.

Be careful with all the steps, one mistake could cause an error and you’ll have to restart from the beginning. That’s why I suggest you to keep a backup.

Hope my “tutorial” will be understandable and clear.


Thank you so much for your help.

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