How to change Paytm link dynamically?

Hello my name is Rachit srivastava I want to know if I want that when my user Clicks on a Button I want to refer my Paytm link & I want that I maybe able to change the Paytm link which I inserted on that button with the help of any database either table or firebase Dynamically , Can anybody help me doing this how to do this I tried using airtable but it didn’t work because whenever I click on my purchase button,It Adds two brackets to my Paytm link Show the Paytm extension I used in my app from deep host doesn’t works at all.I don’t have a business account so my Paytm links will expire after one use so I want to change them dynamically Without editing .AIA file again and again. Al

Like ex:-

my paytm link :-

When I fetch this link from array table dynamically it converts automatically adds to braces


So this Doesn’t works at all

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Ya you can do so…using firebase.& if you are using in app PM me i will tell you better solution

Hola Rachit lo que puedes hacer es eliminar los parentesis usando este bloque
si lo que obtienes es ( blocks
este primero eliminara el primer parentesis y luego haces lo mismo blocks (1)
pero debes cambiar el segmento al otro signo, para que al final obtengas un feliz sin parentesis, cualquier duda con gusto te respondo.

Thanks for the response but the language of Community is english… so better use english language…

Hi Rachit, what you can do is eliminate the parentheses using this block
if what you get is (
this first will eliminate the first parenthesis and then do the same
blocks (1)
But you must change the segment to the other sign, so that in the end you get a happy without parentheses, any questions I will gladly answer you.

if you are asking this question, you are not familiar with working with lists…
see here

Go For The Meathod Which Cloudstoreworks uses in his video in Youtube