How to change Tables in spreedsheet when we click on diffrent categories?

i am building a wallpaper app and i want to put categories in them but i am facing difficulties in changing their table name on clicking any category please help me on this.

You can use this block:

To change the table name in airtable:

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ya i know that but i dont know how to implement it

You can use: set spreadsheet 1.tableName to select lust item from list ( your category list ) to the selection index, then use get row/ column block in airtable to get the values from the new category, a good example ( wallpaper app ) for switching categories using airtable in this app:

hii i used this aia and added my airtable data but i am getting lag issues in my app. there is more than 500+ records in total and they are distributed in 5 tables thats why its laging so badly please help

You can open a new topic for your new question ,Or ask in the app’s topic.:slightly_smiling_face:

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i also asked there but no one replies