How To Change TextBox Line Colour

How Can Change TextBox Line Colour
I Try Many Type Option But Not Change Colour

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How can remove colour of line undertext box.
Means if i am using background then what can i do

This options is currently not available on Makeroid.
But why do you want to remove it ? It is part of Material Design…

If you want more info, create a post dedicated to it

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I changed the “Accent color” in the Screen1, and the textbox underline color didn’t changed! It’s always “pink”!

There is a way to change the textbox underline color?


Are you using companion? Then it won’t change.


Ok, I’ll try it! Thank you :wink:

I can only view the textbox underline color changed when I make and install the apk on the phone!

In the companion (wireless) or in the “USB connection” mode, the textbox underline color don’t change (it’s always in the pink color)!

Yes, as I said, companion has own settings, so it won’t change when you use companion.

Somethings don’t change when you change properties of components in companion, and accent color is the one of these properties. So only APK will show everything as expected.


Just change the background color of your textbox to that of your background and that line is gone,