How to change the extension of Recorded sound... ?🤔

Hello Friends… :grin:
I want to change the extension of Recorded sound:neutral_face: , But, How ? :flushed::thinking:

Example :- The sound recorder’s extension is always .3gp…
But, I want to change it to .ogg or .mp3 or other… :relaxed:

But, How it’s ? :flushed::thinking::thinking::thinking:

you can use File Tools

component_method (6)

Very Thanks :heart:
But, What’s the filename of a recorded sound ?

blocks - 2020-11-12T141313.278

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Very very Thanks :heart_decoration::grin:

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You have to convert it to the respective format not just change the extension of a file


How ? :thinking:

and do not forget to use this block from file component
component_method (7)

But, Where is this component ?
I want to change the extension automatically :neutral_face::frowning:

Something like that

blocks - 2020-11-12T142216.777

it will automatically works

as this ?

use my latest blocks

Here…, What I give instead “ExtensionName” ?

.ogg or .mp3

Ok :ok_hand:
I will try

But, still showing the error…

Because that sound isn’t a .ogg :anguished::disappointed_relieved:

Here,I’m using cloudinary to upload the sound…
And when uploaded,sending the download link to telegram api to send a voice to a user via bot :grin:

But,:disappointed_relieved: I can’t

Telegram voice must be .ogg

try using mp3