How to check if uploaded Media is Image or Video

I am using ImgBB API to upload images. I want to check if user has uploaded image or video to notify him because API gives error when you upload anything other than image. I am using “ImagePicker” but it is still showing some videos. I don’t want that. Is there any solution?


Why don’t you use contains text block??

If it contains .jpg or .jpeg or .png allow the app to upload to image category.

Suppose if the Uploading file contains text .mp4 allow the app to upload to video category

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Can you show me blocks?

Can you show the block what you have tried?

They can be GIFs.
You should use Activity Starter.

What about using Cloudinary?You can upload all type of files there.

ImgBB has no limit but Cloudinary has limit.

That’s good.

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I want to only allow image files, not videos

But GIFs are also images.
You can try this with Activity Starter:
action: android.intent.action.GET_CONTENT
data type: image/png

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How to use imageBB in kodular ?? Is there any component in built in kodular or you using any extension ??

You can use

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Oh Thanks Dear

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I have never tried that. Can you show be blocks?

Here is an example:

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