How to check in my application this device whatsapp or facebook app install or not

in my application i added app sharing message. so i want check if whatsapp install than directly share message to whatsapp.

so i want to know how to check in this device whatsapp app install or not ?

There are many topics related to this.

Just search the community before asking a question

i tried many time but …

Hey, don’t be upset…

If you have read the topics well you will get the solution


Show what you have tried so we can work from there.

I’m not 100% if whatsapp It is not installed, you would get the error 601
Edit: with activity starter

What about checking package name?

Use PkgUtils extension by @vknow360



Kodular has a component called package utilities



Thanks @dora_paz and @Peter I will keep your post in mind !!!


Thank you very much

i am finding like this. i also check in my app but i think not properly. so i created post. now i got it and i hope this topic other user help to get in search result.

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