How to check specified app on android 11

Hello, How can I check if a specified app is installed on android 11 device?
i know there is already similar disccussion about this.
i already read this :
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the code working fine on my android 10 device, but on my android 11 device it didn’t work. i don’t know why, i assume it’s because android 11.
this is my code… please help

You could check the Android Version with Device Utility


Could you explain in more detail?
Yes i’m using android 11 device.

The problem is my code didn’t work on my android 11 device, i didn’t know why

Your code is perfect. But in Android 11 Android restricted to show the full list of installed apps that’s why it isPackageInstalled block always return false


i see. that’s why it didn’t work.
could you help me find another way to this problem?

I tried many ways but i am failed.
Android 11 have so much restrictions for developers to safe the user security.

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You won’t need to check wether the APK is installed or not. If your activity started by the activity starter then it means your app is installed and if it shows the error then it mean app is not installed in user device.


I just started the activity of my one app from another app and if the app is not installed then It triggers the Error Occurred event of the screen where you can redirect the users to the play store for downloading the app.

According to Android documentation, we need to add the packages(that we want to work with) in queries element in our APK manifest to work with specific package in above android 10 devices.



I already tried this method with whatsapp package name and give this in manifest. But i don’t why it always return false.

I think this is a good temporary way to resolve this.

Thankyou, but i’m still confuse about how to redirect the user to play store using notifier.
Could you give example?

Instead of using notifer put these blocks in if then block

already try that, it crash when i open in app

show your blocks

this is my blocks

and this is my app crashing

Hello, update here.
I finally got it working now. When screen 1 error occured, open screen 2
And when screen 2 initialize, do start activity. It works.
Thanks for the help

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