How to connect a near android device by Bluetooth Client

To search a near by android device for connect… what component i use…when i send a file…between same app…

You can use bluethooth component

You can use Bluetooth client component if you want to send a file to a single device and a Bluetooth server component to multiple devices

to search a near by device which blocks can i use in bluetooth client components?

You need to use addresses and name block and you should use a list picker or listview to see devices, note you will only see devices if your Bluetooth and their Bluetooth is on

Soham can you help how i use address and name blocks to search a device?

This may help you

I create this blocks with your help but when i test live to companion then nothing search…

Is your bluetooth enabled in your device ? Are there any other devices with enabled bluetooth nearby ?

as i mentioned you need to keep your bluetooth and other device bluetooth on

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Soham, i do it both my device and also a near by device bluetooth on in the test time and show a picture that i given below…

I barely can see anything

The top text is companion…no other text there…and below it dark…nothing write there…

There might be two reasons, it might not be working on companion, or you might have done something wrong, show all the blocks in your project and try exporting the app and try using it

Soham, I showing my all blocks and design…and i create it by helping of yours and some others source…so any wrong event if you see please help me the right event…and anybody can help me please…! i send my list to an others android device. if i need to create extra blocks so told that.ss1|666x500

it is design …

Instead of listpicker touch down event you have to use listpicker before picking event

i can’t export my apk file…following text are showing: Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was

What is the error shown?

something went wrong…then open a window in my p.c…then show above text: Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was