How to connect Airtable with API directly

I want to know how to connect Airtable with API directly without spreadsheet component

Good idea but it doesn’t have a great use both works similar but this website helps you to get table in json format.

Fill all things in the website like :- Api key, base id , table name and you got json api easily.

Website : CodePen - Airtable API Encoder

I want to know how I can speed up my Airtable database

You can’t do it manually it depends upon your data records and in your mobile network.
You can try it by json and check which is faster

Please share the resources where I can find how to do with JSON. Because I am new in kodular so so how I work with JSON. PLEASE TELL ME

If you are new than first take experience with airtable component don’t go for json directly.

Yeah But Airtable Component is Little Bit Slow.

How to Learn JSON . please Guide Me

This video tells you how to start with json
Video in hindi -

Thanks For Your Guide

:slightly_smiling_face: Enjoy and welcome

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