How to convert 2-4 more than image in PDF

I get image from storage and convert into pdf. So if user select more 4 image thats convert into pdf

Thank you!!!

store it in tiny tb and after that compile them and image editor component and do download into .pdf
bit off-topic
it seems u are creating an app for document scanner like cam scanner

Yes :joy: you are correct. After I get image how to convert in pdf format please explain me @Ekansh_Pandit

wait a minute

use this
not sure if it works but i guess its right
change.png to .pdf
with blocks
try this
will update the post seeing more for it

see for guides

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I search in community I got kio4 pdf extension
But I didn’t get any where to download it

Any other idea

Edit : I will try it today only

Just changing the fie extension does not work. For example, we can’t convert image to video just by changing .png to .mp4.

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:sweat_smile: sorry for last time.

Any other idea how to convert it

maybe use resource utils

No. It only loads string.

any solution?

u can use pdf component and try