How to convert number to arabic words

How can I convert numbers into Arabic words in my applications?

You mean like this this?

I want to convert the numbers into Arabic writing, for example: five hundred thousand, but in Arabic and not in English

Is the result English or Arabic?

Not numbers I want words
خمسمائة وخمسين

like this?


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Yes, that’s what I mean
I want this extension

Click here and download the Version 3 extension (added today aroun 18:45pm)

[Free]CurrencyFormatter Extension - #3 by Still-learning here

Thank you for an excellent update

But there is a limitation, so for only 6 digit can be converted into arabic text, more than 6 not yet added

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There are two problems with the extension
The first does not convert numbers greater than 100 thousand, meaning millions do not exist.
Second: There is an extra letter: Example:
سبعهمائه وخمسون ألف
the correct : سبعمائه وخمسون ألف

Please complete the numbers that are more than 6

I am not good with arabic, using translate only and ound it is showing correct text it seems (i am unable to find the difference due to lack of lang )

i will work in free time as it needs more work… i will look is there any lib available…

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Excellent work, only this character mentioned in the picture should be deleted

Thank you for pointing out… I will try alternate one later and will update you… Please wait until i fix it…

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Thank you my dear , I am waiting

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You can use this simple extension developed by me
ArabicNumbersKodular.aix (12.6 KB)

Parameters (String,boolean)

Excellent, but there is a repetition in a million. The first word is correct and the second is wrong. Why is it repeated in a million?

This word should only be deleted : مليوناً