How to copy component in clipboard

I need a small favior from you is there any way to copy disined components of a screen and paste it any where like notpad

this will be done in mit app inventer or other similar platform
here is the samle

{"$components":[{"$Name":"VerticalArrangement1","$Type":"VerticalArrangement","$Version":"4","AlignHorizontal":"3","AlignVertical":"2","Width":"-2","Uuid":"70187874","$Components":[{"$Name":"Button1","$Type":"Button","$Version":"7","Text":"Text for Button1","Uuid":"-225897622"},{"$Name":"Button2","$Type":"Button","$Version":"7","Text":"Text for Button2","Uuid":"1066102062"}]}],"$blocks":[]}

i just want like this to copy that like in any way

if any java script or anthingelse is help me then please let me know

Just put last block of any arrangement or any component into device utility copy block i think.