Paste components without the _copy being written

Hello family, I would like to know how I can copy a component to another screen without putting a “_copy” at the end of each component when I paste it. It is important to emphasize that the component that I paste is not repeating the name in the new tab to which I want to put.

How can I paste it without the _copy being written?

You can’t.

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You are asking it to do in project or in apk??

Apk mean try to use tinydb,

Project mean just use dragging

This is how i understand your query.

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He regretted the confusion, I was referring to the project.

If you are using copy paste then you will see _cooy at the end(you can rename it), but copy from one screen and paste into another screen(didn’t tried like that so for, because usually i will just drag that component instead of paste) you won’t see i think

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