How to creat Drop down list view

How to creat Drop down list view

That is called a listpicker. Search the component and study the blocks.

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But what I am saying is different

Then you have to use better English. :sunglasses:


Do you have any example screenshot of what you are willing to do?

I want such kind of drop down list in side bar menu

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Use arrangements. Setup your buttons, or design, and then have one small button that expands it by making it visible

I use this from the top for usage statistics

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Can you show how to use

Initialise global variable to 0
When label notes click
If global variable = 0
Then show basic science button maths button xx xx xx button & set global variable to 1
Else if global = 1
Then hide basic science button xx xx xx (whatever your list item)

Okay I will try

Hey can you give me your email id

See this thread