How to create a border around an arrangement?

How to create a border around an arrangement. Usually whatever is inside an arrangement fills out the parent completely but I want a constant border.

I searched simply with the word border and found this


Check out the Decoration Component:


This works! Thank you so much!

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I’ve run into a problem…
When I’m using “Set Shape”, I’m losing the image on the Button…
How can I fix it with any solutions?

Thank you!

TestButtonDecoration.aia (53.6 KB)

Tends to do that with mine too. Anybody has any ideas on how the border expands the overall button, instead of “eats into” the original button?

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Did you try the link i gave you? It is more work but you can change it to your liking.

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I see. I will try it out. Thank you.

TestButtonDecoration_2.aia (56.0 KB)

it’s variant to use… you should to put the button in the layout…
and place the picture not on the button, but on the layout.

good luck!

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Thank you, Peter!

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