How to create a invoice generating app?

Is it possible to make a invoice generating app? If yes can anyone please tell me how??

An invoice generating app ? Can you explain better please?

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I have a company so I was thinking if it’s possible to generate invoice instantly and send it as PDF to the client that would be really great that why I want to make this app. So is it possible?

Invoice will be like normal but it will not be showing in the app I just have to insert client name price quantity etc and click generate and the invoice should be generated and saved as PDF.

Sorry I misunderstood what an “invoice” was

This could help you:

Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF : Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

Or this:

Of course you can make an invoice generating app with Kodular.
It will take some time to learn how, but there is a big community to help you forwards, when you get stuck.

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i build an invoice app for my own shop

can you show me the blocks and the design screenshots

i understand there is a big community to help thats why i wrote here can you please help?

blocks (3)

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Can you show how the invoice looks after the saving it as pdf

Thank you but How are you creating the lines like table?

Using level