How to create and delete dynamic card view via unique value

Ok, you have a variable which is the id variable…Also you have another variable which is the card variable.
Now you’re trying to delete the card view according to its id.You set the card variable to the id variable then you set the id parameter in delete dynamic card view method to the card variable.Actually, its more easy to put the id variable in the id parameter in the delete method directly.That’s only my point.

Oh okay got you. Thanks for detailed explanation.

This is what i am trying to build. I think this could help you to understand more about my topic.

All components’ ids should be different each and every time when + button clicked and any of the components picked

You’re welcome :heart_eyes:
First one you can try with dynamic compnents ( i recommend dynamic components extension which can create dynamic any component or extension! with the same method that you started with.You can create the second one with a custom dialog and image and text list view.

I haven’t idea about dynamic component extension. I will try it and let you know. Thanks a lot for helping me out.

You can replace your Dynamic Components blocks with this (my) extension, you won’t regret :wink:

I just searched it after Mohamed_Tamer suggested me. It will really wonderful :heart: i am in love with your extension. Specially get ids one can solve my problem :star_struck:. Thanks for this awesome extension.

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I hope you can understand my logic…
Created a variable “counter”
When button 1 click:
Set counter + 1
Created card view with id = counter
Created a button with id = counter + 1
Set counter + 1

Now when button into card view click get id
Delete the button with the obtained id
Delete the card view with button id - 1

Then it would be for example if you create 3 card view with buttons and you choice button into second card view to delete. You get buton id = 4 and card view id = 4 - 1

Wow, Awesome logic.

Can you tell me why set counter + 1 needed 2nd time? Will it add one extra number?

Set counter + 1 why you start the variable from 0
EDIT: and you need increase by 2, 1 card view and 1 button

Sorry i am new and don’t know about that like from where to start. From where should i start it?

You need 2 id for each card view therefore ( 1 for card view and 1 more for button )
Counter star =0
Click button to created
Set counter + 1
counter = 1
Created card view with id = counter
card view id = 1
Created a button with id = counter + 1
counter = 2
button id = 2
Set counter + 1 to match the id

Oh yeah now i got you. This can be done. Thanks for the help. I am doing this and let here know if any other problem occurs. Btw Thanks a lot bestprintsf

I think doing bestprintsf idea in this extension will be more affective. Once again thanks yusufcihan for this incredible extension.


You can implement this also with the extension of @yusufcihan too

Hi, So Sorry. i tried too much with this logic but didn’t get success. Can you please create these blocks and show what logic have you made? :frowning_face:

Use this method

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I have created pubg tournament contest with dynamic extension thanks yusufcihan

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Try this…

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I think you can create a card view and a button with the same id.correct me if i’m wrong :slightly_smiling_face: