How to Create Any Design Using Dynamic Components Extension

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Hai ADDYLIN, i have an error. May u can help me.


Hi thanks for your work. Just one question. Could I insert dynamic components above not below of vertical arrange?

Use set order block


Thanks a lot. Dora muchas gracias

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Hi… I just asked in the community and they said to use dynamic components which I can’t really understand it to make the app that I want. Here is my question : How to Create Dental Charting App? - #14 by Aziz_Akmal

Hope you can teach me, master

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Nice documentation information

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Hi Im trying but hav not result. Colud you send me an axample of use? thanks alot

A simple example

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Thanks Dora it’s work fine. Now I want to get a click on dynamic components, could It be possible? Thanks a Lot

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Yes it is possible

Dora you are an angel. Have you any simple example to show me how can I do that?

A very simple example

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Thanks a lot. I will try tomorrow!! Regards

I am getting “Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.Class java.lang.Object.getClass()’ on a null object reference” error.
Searched forum and found

and understand what should I do, but I am checking my code and can not find error.
I am trying to copy this:


Can you download procedure as png and post it again ?


Also why are you using a table ?

to get this design:
img1 - space - img
nameofimg1 - space - nameofimg2

Did you mean this?

I think I found the problem. It is Align Horizontal-Vertical blocks.

Although error vanished still I can not duplicate elements. I will try without table.

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