How to Create Any Design Using Dynamic Components Extension

you can see that i return the data from firebase and make a list with that data, and create a dynamic components with this list. With this procedure using dynamic cardiew from kodular that works fine, but when i try to do with dynamic components appears the error ID duplicate

it’s not in english that’s why few parts are going over my head.

now it is in english.

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The Problem is Solved in PM by taking a New Variable to set index / ID.

Like -


blocks (3)


OR -



blocks (1)


More design using dynamic components extension

Betting app

User listview

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Notification design

All by ur guide @ADDYLIN

Thank u for ur helpful guide


Hi @Sumit1334 . I’ve been looking for a nice tutorial for how to make Dynamic components, and here it is. I’ve read this tutorial now and wants to try it out. But I can’t seem to find out where the data to show comes in?

If I have a list, where to I put blocks for showing the data in list?

I created a new topic, maybe you see here what I want :slight_smile: Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

Hey @Sumit1334 How you make countdown in listview . i have tried i got the reaming time but i cant find a way to run the contdown timer. i load data and compare current epoch timer to future epochtimestamp . but its just show the text that 0:00:00 time .but i could not make run .please suggest me some block i tried to any clock block and set time enabled but app crash

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Stucked here…

Plz help…

For 1st time it should select column11
For 2nd time it should select column12
For 3rd time it should select column13

Like so…

the creator o this guide is suspended maybe someone else can help you

Please Elaborate more

Creating a list view. Where all the components are set through the extension of @yusufcihan.

Wish to set the list dynamically is the loop performs the list name should also change.


When for each number loop initiated it should be item list get globallist1.
And for second row in the list it should be item list get globallist2.
For third row in the list it should be item list get globallist3.

And so on…

how can i add on click event for any item like label

How can I use text alignment? to any label

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Hai ADDYLIN, i have an error. May u can help me.


Hi thanks for your work. Just one question. Could I insert dynamic components above not below of vertical arrange?

Use set order block


Thanks a lot. Dora muchas gracias

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Hi… I just asked in the community and they said to use dynamic components which I can’t really understand it to make the app that I want. Here is my question : How to Create Dental Charting App? - #14 by Aziz_Akmal

Hope you can teach me, master