How to create auto destructible app

I wish to add such functionality in my app so that as soon as it gets removed from playstore, users who already have it in their phone, must not be bale to use it.

I am not sure how for this is possible…

But you can achieve this, use airtable or firebase… & network component. During screen init just call the specific value. If it is found set your app to proceed further if not just pop up with custom alert…

So if you change or update value in either database your app will stop to functioning


Check this out

I read it, but how is it useful in my case, I did not understand.

umm well you cant do exactly as you said but maybe my method may help you
Steps :

  1. Get the update my app extension - Update My App - Extension - Useful to app builders to update their distributed apps
  2. now if you want to remove your app from all users device then firstly create a empty apk and with that apk use update my app extension so it replaces the app with a different app

I hope this helped you

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Nice attempt. I have already used this method in past to update apps without owing playstore console account, but the problem is that people don’t update apps and keep using older one.

then how about when the user declines the dialog you close the app?

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Yeah, that will be perfect

My guide could help you. It was made to force updates.

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