How to create Chart?

The above aia do not match with this blocks you posted. Where did you get the aia ? I see that you are receiving data from a spreadsheet. Do you receive data correctly ? Cause the message is about drawgraphbar and maybe global variables are not working. Use do it to debug your blocks


testing.aia (28.9 KB)

I have attached my project, here I can’t see the chart at all. What mistake I have made?

Replace in types a and b with string and number

blocks (15)
After changing also noting is displayed.

Here is another chart extension:
No internet permission needed.

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I am able to see the chart but it is too small.

How I can adjust the size and position?

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The extension is not downloading.

thank you and fixed.

Hi Kevin can you tell something about your extension. I can not translate your webpage. And maybe post some screenshots of actual charts.

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Hi Peter. I just change this into extension

I am using Chrome, and it can translate Chinese into English.

Is there any way to increase the chart size?

We had a question about charts a couple of days ago.


Hi, is the Kevin Kun Chart extension working with Kodular ?
If yes where to find the download link of the aix please ?

Yes, and check the doc here 浮云小站

Thanks but your link opens a webpage that is timeless loading… :neutral_face:
this work from my side.

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It’s ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can easily do it via webviewer. for example chart.aia (1.8 KB)

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