WebViewer/ChartMaker issue

Hey guys, I’m trying to build a chart in my app with Chartmaker extension that uses Webview component.
I’ve set up the Webview component to fill parent and it does but the content displays the chart very small.
Here are the printscreens, can somebody help?

Where can we find this extension?

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What if you make the zoom percent bigger?

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It was 100% and I made it 300% but it doesn’t make much difference

Can you post an aia?

I tried the aia from the github page. I see what you mean. I will experiment a bit with it.


I think there is a problem with the combination of webviewer and extension:

It should adapt to the properties of the webviewer but that doesn’t happen. Maybe something goes wrong here.

So no solution for the moment. But maybe someone else can provide one.

I know that a great new chart component is in the works at App Inventor that will find his way to Kodular i guess.

But i don’t know if you can wait for that. No ATI at the moment.

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Thanks for your time anyway

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try this:

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and centre the Screen :wink:

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Hi Tim, nice to see you here! :smile:

I have to set the screen to left to make it work. If i set it to center than the chart goes of on the left side.

Didn’t work here =/

Already is

Yes of course, my thumbs up for Tim was only because I am happy to see him here.

Oh… If I do it my whole design would be a mess… :fearful:

try this:
ChartMakerExample2.aia (11.9 KB)

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Yes, I did as you but I got that from the last printscreen.

However I exported the apk from your aia and it does work here, would it be some issue with the arrangements?