Web_Viewer - increase the size

Hey, guys,
Please can you help me?

I’m using this “web viewer” component and returning a url from a google spreadsheet. So far everything is ok.

But it is returning an image a small one. Is there any way I can resolve this issue?

I would like to make the image like this:

maybe try to increase zoom size from designer properties of web view.

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Hello Friend @WeMakeBest

I’ve tried but nothing happens. :sleepy:

I already put 100, 200, 300, 400, 500… and it doesn’t change anything.

Do you check same url on your phone browser? maybe this issue with url.

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The URL is the link to a google spreadsheet.

Why are you using webview and not for example table view extension ? Pass data from spreadsheet to table

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Try using CustomWebView and set different combinations of UseWideViewPort and LoadInOverviewMode properties.


Good question @dora_paz

I will check this extension to serve for me. Thanks

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I will test this extension. Thanks @vknow360


How to return worksheet values ​​in this extension?

Use gviz to get data from spreadsheet

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Please show your full url (you can hide the spreadsheet ID), there is possibly a parameter there causing this size issue ?

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/spreadsheet ID/gviz/tq?tqx=out:html&sheet=Tabelas_INSS&tq=SELECT A, B, C

That looks OK. Must be the generated html code by Google setting it to desktop mode in the Kodular webviewer…( I don’t see this behaviour in App Inventor)

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ok thanks for the feedback
I’m checking here what can be done

I managed to solve my problem with your help.

But in my case what increased the image for the font size property.


follow picture of how it turned out



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