There is Chart Extension on kodular?

I’ve been looking for some extensions to create a chart/graph on my app, but I didn’t had success. Someone knows whether there is some extensions like that. I found on thunkable and app inventor. Could I use on kodular too?

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I may be wrong but I think that every extension is cross platform so it might work.
It would be nice if you share the .aix files in this post to help others to achieve the same thing (if you got it legally and if you are allowed to share).

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if you take a look intot the extension directory and search for chart, you will find the following extensions

ChartMaker Extension by Kate Manning and Emily Kager
Hello Chart Extension by Kus Zab (5 USD)



Not an extension but this may help you:

I’ve used it and it’s nice.

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There is a new chart component in the making at App Inventor. When it will be released Kodular will be able to use it. It is made by Evaldas Latoškinas.


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