How to create Dynamic Shortcuts for app

How can i create a pop-up like this?

P.S: I didn’t know what title give to this topic… if you have a better title, suggest me pls

See this guide

Use your design place of this sidebar

Try reading his query.
It says a popup menu on home screen/app list.
As much I understand this popup is shown when an app icon is long pressed in app list…


That was possible with deephost extension

Deep Host Extension Regarding Post are hidden or deleted because he is in active for their Extension support.

Yes, exactly!
So is there a way to do this (also with an extension)?

Go through this.
The term is Dynamic Shortcuts…

Mark solution if it helps…


The user wants the functionality on the launcher screen of the device where all the app icons are displayed and on tapping on which we open app.

I think you misunderstood this with some in-app functionality

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yeah you are true

Ok thanks!
Other advices on how to do this?

Did you read the topic.
I don’t think it is possible.

Yeah but why Deep Host succeeded?

Umm… Don’t know why?
But if any extension developer can do this then try asking them…

But that should be your solution as of now because there is no such feature/extension in Kodular.
Change the topic title so that extension developers can understand your topic.

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Ok I’ll try now