How to create local video list in Dynamic Card View

How to create a local (external memory card) video list in dynamic card view ? I create 3 layer dynamic card view but video thumbnails not view in local path…so what can i do? Below here is my blocks:

Check your path.It should be an image and not folder, path.

for local video what can i do? please help…

First of all you should get the list of video in your storage (local)

this extension can do it

The to get the thumbnail you can use this extension

I try this but video thumbnails not showing:

You are giving the link of a folder not a video

Thumbnail path should be proper

Use select list item list where list will be files list and index will be number

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on live testing thumbnails is viewing just first card not others…what can i do for other card? my blocks-

Create dynamic images using dynamic images component, for each card :wink:
1- create image (dynamic image component )
2- add ( get image by id (id) to getCardViewByid(id ))

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please help with blocks i can’t understand …

i’m sorry, as i use dynamic component extensions , i’ve missed the names :sweat_smile::

Thank you Asit and Tamer. for helping…your valuable sugest so many help me…
I want to help again that thumbnails are not fit with card view so what can i do?

Set Padding of CardView, Left-Right-Bottom-Top to 0
And set Height and Width of image to FillParent ( -2 )

Pedroza thumbnail extension does not work properly while creating local video list.

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I set padding left_right_top_bottom 0 but not fit…

You can use video utils extension from sunny gupta to get thumbnails from local videos and pedroza thumbnail extension to get thumbnails from images

If it’s not fit after what @ADDYLIN said to do then set scale picture to fit to true

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I want to view besides camera videos like whatsapp videos,web downloaded videos in dynamic card view at together …
so what can i do please help? i try some thing but not view:

Please describe clearly that what you want to do

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I think he want to group the images for example camera images in a group, screenshots in a group,etc…

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I want to viewing local camera videos,downloaded whatsapp videos,downloaded video songs creating different local storage path in dynamic card view.i used fileTools extention…i am trying to change my blocks and screen initializing i can view camera videos but when when i tap whatsapp video button then my camera videos gone and view to blank and also whatsapp videos.gone to same number…please help me anybody what can i do?my blocks-