How to create prank call app

Hello Kodular community,

I need help with creating a prank calling app. Any tutorial on that here or if anyone has an aia file to share, it would be appreciated.

What is a prank call app ?

which allow you to make a screen like you are receiving a call or making a call, (fake in app view)

Yes of course. You are right!

Can you help me out? Thanks!

everyone must have to create that app, it must take time to create that

Here we can help you with any doubts you may have, but I don’t think anyone will start making your app. You have to start making your own app.
Show what you have done and if you need help, ask.

Hello wonderful people,

I need help with creating a prank call app. Please share with me the blocks I can use.

You have already created a topic and were advised to try things out for yourself.

Nobody is going to make your app for you.

By creating multiple topics about the same thing you are spamming the forum.

OK. I will do that.

Just design a screen which looks like the call show up with a ring on start ( use sound component or player). Use a button to trigger that on and off or use a timer.

You can’t show up the call when you’re out of the app as kodular still doesn’t support background run.