How to create two side rounded title bar and bottom navigation

Title bar

Bottom navigation

Use a CardView with rounded edges, and use layouts to push it partially out of the screen.


May you can do something using decoration component make some changes in margin.

Try this…


With this extension mentioned above.

How have u created this please help me

With this extension :

Remove the background color from the component that you are going to round the corners. Put the background color you want, in the component’s properties. Also change the rounding of the 4 corners of the extension component. In the extension block you will have to put the name of the component you want to round.
This :

And this :
VAcadcpfabaixo it is my Vertical Arrangement.
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Ok I will try

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If it does, don’t forget to check the solution


Where ? In the Radius Proprieties
“Rudius” ? :scream:

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