How To Create Type Of Poll Or Voting Feature

Hey Respected Koder

I Need To Know How To Create A Type Of Polling Or Voting Future In Kodular Application With Database.

Hoping Suggestions And Solution :star_struck:

Thank You :blush:

You should use slider…

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How…? :thinking:

I Think Its Not Possible With Slider

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I don’t know with database but let me try… I will share the aia for your referance if it would be possible…

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Thanks For That :kodular:

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You can do it easily with dynamic components extension by @yusufcihan using horizontal arrangements and labels


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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First let him understand the simple logic.

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I Tried Offline

Take a Horizontal Arrangement (That Will Work As The Poll Bar; Set All It’s Properties Accordingly, But Make Sure AlignHorizontal Property Is Set To Left) and Place a Label Inside it (That Will Work As The Poll Option; Set All It’s Properties Accordingly).

Change Label Width Percent According to the Progress - Percentage.

But i will Suggest a Overlapped Label.
As if Label got Poll Text, if it is to a Certain Level of Progress (Below The Width Of Label Text), Whole Text will Not Display Correctly.

So, At Last i will Suggest
A Horizontal Arrangement (Progress Bar) inside a Horizontal Arrangement (Poll Bar) and a Overlapped Label (Poll Text).


With Your Suggestions And Procedures

I Was Created This

When CardView Click Set HA Width + 1

It Working But It’s Offline

How Can I Make Online

I Mean How To Store Every User Click In DataBase

I Did This

AFAIK you use Firebase DB

Suppose this is your Database -

----------- A : 5
----------- B : 10
----------- C : 50
----------- D : 35

On Screen Initialization Call Values of Tag A, B, C, & D and when you Got the Values,
Set Progress of Your Poll.

And when a Option of Poll is Clicked (i Suggest to Call the Values Again or use Data Changed Event to Constantly Update the Poll) the Same Time Update the New Data To Firebase.


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