How to customize the Manifest → example: Companion APK

If you want to upload a new app to the Play Store, the app needs to be targeting Android 11 AND you need to use an AAB. Unfortunately, this cannot (yet) be decompiled. So you have no choice but to wait for the final Kodular Update (targetSdkVersion = 30).


No I want to update my app, so I am asking which code and in which line should I add in Manifest?

It is not required for old apps, you can directly upload apk or aab

Then you can build the APK (targetSdkVersion = 29) and upload it to the Play Store. There is no need to use AAB for updates, also not after Okt 2021.

Maybe but I need help from @bodymindpower to know exactly how to set manually because I real like to learn some things

Sure but I just wanted to learn a little bit how to set Manually to API Level 30

In the Manifest:

<manifest xmlns:android="" ... >
    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="19" android:targetSdkVersion="30" />

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on google play it’s possible to publish only .aab

And APK Editor only packages .apk

What do I do?


There are 2 options (without Android Studio):

  1. Wait for the Kodular update (targetSdk = 30).
  2. Import your project into Niotron (however there may be some unsupported / different components).

What is the average timeline of kodular releases api level upgrades. Does it normally take more than one month?

Sorry for asking this question, I’m new to kodular and it’s been one month my app is ready to get published, but waiting for kodular upgrade.

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I’ve also been working on an app for several months. So I uploaded & published this as APK (before it was finished and before Aug 1, 2021) in the Play Store as an internal test track. This means that I can continue to upload and publish this app as an APK in the Play Store at any time.

I did the same for two other apps that are being planned as a precaution (because I had known for many months that there would be problems with decompiling AABs.)


Does this method work in sept?

i doubt its going to happen this year. Good opportunity to learn android development and break free from kodular and other app builders.


What are you talking about?

  1. My question is, does your method work in sept? Because you’re recompiling app to apk and play store only accept aab files.

  2. The target level 30 is unlikely to be incorporated in kodular by this year. Maybe by the end of next year or 2023. Since kodular took ages to update facebook ads SDK alone.

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No, the Play Store will of course continue to accept APKs.
See here:


I’m trying to publish a new app today. So your method is unlikely to work? Since it’s being published after Aug 1.

Yes, this topic is about decompiling and customizing the Manifest of an → APK.